Recovery Projects

It is rarely the case, if ever, that the substance is the problem.  It’s usually a solution for something that’s causing emotional distress.

We work with young people across the many domains of their life, helping them to   create manageability when it feels like life is unmanageable. 

Being young means experimenting and some of us will use different types of substances. For most, this will pass, but sometimes it doesn’t and we find ourselves just to get through the day.  We understand this. 


Youth Interventions Recovery Projects

We’ll walk beside you for a while and help you to build up positive coping strategies and resilience, find manageability and help you to manage during the difficult times in life when it feels like things are overwhelming

YI for Children - Young People - Families

This is what recovery looks like for us.  Let us help you find what it looks like for you.


Psycho-educational workshops


Personalised One to Ones

The Health and Wellbeing of our young people is
Our Top Priority

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How Can We Help

Things were probably at their worse when I couldn’t leave the house.  I’d been battered a couple of times by some girls and I was scared all of the time.

When my mum took me along to meet the Y.I. Team, I only went cause I knew how worried she was.  But I didn’t think it would help me. I’d been to see a lot of people about my mental health and who I was as a person, and no-one listened or understood.  It didn’t feel that way at Youth Interventions.  I can’t say exactly why, but I just felt ….valued.  It never felt like I was being told what I should think or feel and it always felt that the things we did were partly my idea!  They were dead good at signposting me to other organisations as well.  It was a really helpful time of my life, and I’m glad that I met them.