At the YI Hub you’ll find at a community level, a multi-disciplinary team who are experts in the emotional wellbeing/mental health of young people.

We’re a collective of Therapists, Psychologist, Recovery Practitioners and Youth Workers who have years of expertise working with young people and have developed a toolkit that’s specifically aimed at helping young people develop positive coping strategies and change harmful behaviours.

Yout Interventions Professionals

Our approach is different.

We’ve carefully listened to what hasn’t worked for young people, and used this to create a service that is collaborative and person centred. We use relational integrative techniques when working with young people, recognising that if we want to help them change behaviours, thought processes and how they internalise the world around them, we have to be fully present, engaging, creative, empathetic, yet boundaried and challenging in equal measures.

The Health and Wellbeing of our young people is
Our Top Priority

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