Youth Projects

There’s loads of things to get involved in at the YI Youth Project and throughout the week we run different projects including our Community Youth Space and Young Persons Peer Support Group.  Here you’ll find a safe space to be, where you’ll have fun and be involved.

Youth Interventions Youth Projects

You’ve climbed mountains when you believed that you couldn’t.  You’ve cycled for miles, when you told us you wouldn’t.  We don’t every assume that we know what’s best for you, we just offer you opportunities.

How Can We Help

Things were probably at their worse when I couldn’t leave the house.  I’d been battered a couple of times by some girls and I was scared all of the time.

When my mum took me along to meet the Y.I. Team, I only went cause I knew how worried she was.  But I didn’t think it would help me. I’d been to see a lot of people about my mental health and who I was as a person, and no-one listened or understood.  It didn’t feel that way at Youth Interventions.  I can’t say exactly why, but I just felt ….valued.  It never felt like I was being told what I should think or feel and it always felt that the things we did were partly my idea!  They were dead good at signposting me to other organisations as well.  It was a really helpful time of my life, and I’m glad that I met them.